First Anniversary Shoot

Last June Josh and I decided to start the tradition of anniversary photos. (Which I'm so excited about btw! I love the idea of capturing where you are in your life and marriage every year. Looking back on those pictures will be so, so wonderful in 20, 30, 40 years.)
We were lucky enough to win a couples shoot from the lovely Ashley Cook Photography and decided to do it for our anniversary when Josh was visiting from Austin. 

It was pretty hectic around that time with weddings and josh only being in town for a week, but we managed to put some outfits and a location together (and I arranged a bouquet in the car + did my hair and makeup...haha) and of course, they were wonderful. 

Check out the full shoot below! 

Photography: Ashley Cook Photography
Skirt: BHLDN
Location: Hendricks Park, Eugene
Top: The White Dress
Ribbon: Nettles Textiles

Ps- Happy Anniversary Love! 

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Do you know your wedding style?

Hey loves! 
Today we're going to be talking about some questions that we ask every single bride we meet: "What is your wedding style?"
"How do you want people to feel at your wedding?"
What design styles are you most drawn to?" 

This information is important because, as designers, they are the words we use to give us context and direction in our vision. They help us know which flowers to choose and how to put them together so they will most reflect the vision our couples have for their wedding. Flowers have a unique way of setting the tone for a space and we love being able to bring that to a celebration of our couples' love for each other. 
 Sometimes the bride absolutely knows her style, knows all of the right descriptive words, knows exactly the type of wedding her inspiration pictures encompass. But sometimes, they know the pictures they like (or don't like), but are at a loss for what to call them, or how to explain their style to others. 

If you meet with us, we love helping brides get a feel for the style they are wanting and honing in on one or two key descriptive words, but, if you're reading this and thinking "that's me!" we want to help you to have a better idea what all these style words mean! 

We are going to go through our most favorite (and most commonly sought after) styles for weddings and events in general. If you want to get a free resource download for figuring out the wedding styles you're most drawn to you can sign up to get one here. 


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#1. Organic + Natural 

This one might be pretty self explanatory, but we wanted to cover all the bases, so here it is! Organic and natural is a style that we LOVE. It represents all things greenery focused, things that come from the earth, things that remind us of nature and anything that happens in the wild. 

Key aspects to looks for if you are drawn to this style: 

1. Greenery
2. Loose, free flowing designs (examples below) 
3. Texture
5. Neutral tones, colors that are found in nature
6. Simple elements, nothing too busy or crowded
7. Nothing "forced" or staged looking. Things that look like "they just grew there" 
8. Imperfection
9. Wood or rock elements

Other words that can be used for this style

Portland Florist|Oregon Florist|Austin Florist|Good Seed Floral design



This style has increased in popularity with the rise of barn weddings and mason jar glasses and is the inspiration for so many brides. It represents country living, farm inspired elements, and laid back, relaxed atmosphere. 

Key aspects to look for if you are drawn to this style: 
1. Wildflowers
2. brighter colors (especially yellow + peach) 
3. Barns
4.. Wood elements (wooden rounds, wooden signs)
5.. An unfinished feel
6. Laid back food and drink
7. Hay, burlap and mason jars
8. Tin elements
9. Country music  

Other words that can be used to describe this style:


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Vintage style is all about the 1930s-1960s with lots of lace, simplicity in decor and flowers, neutral, muted, dusty colors. It's a throwback to a simpler time, old-fashioned with uniformity and an understated elegance. It can often be combined with the rustic style to make a more laid back, light hearted style. 

Key aspects to look for if you are drawn to this style: 
1. Lace
2. Antique windows, doors, frames, suitcases, etc..
3. Cut glass
4. Simple dresses (often shorter) 
5. Suspenders
6. Teacups
7. Typewriters
8. Ladders, brass antique candle holders
9. Pearls

Other words that can be used for this style: 
1. Antique
2. Delicate
3. Simple
4. Old-fashioned


The Modern style is all about minimalism and clean lines. Colors are focused on bright whites with contrasting blacks, greens and blues, subtle grays and charcoals. It's all very simple, but striking because of that simplicity. It chooses just a few things to focus on and draws your attention to them completely. 

Key aspects to look for if you are drawn to this style:
1. Contrasting colors
2. Minimal decor
3. Glass
4. Geometric Shapes  
5. Asymmetrical lines
6. Architectural design pieces
7. Simplicity
8. Metals

Other words that can be used for this style: 


This style is marked by bright colors, textures, free form arrangements. It has aspects of hippie culture as well as glamour with the rich colors and textures. The feel is laid back, fun and free. 

Key aspects to look for if you are drawn to this style: 
1. Macrame
2. Lace details, but not the same lace as vintage. More geometric patterns
3. Flower crowns
4. Long, flowing dresses with lots of textural details
5. String lights
6. Rugs
7. Dream Catchers
8. VW busses
9. Free flowing, wild bouquets

Other words that can be used for this style: 
Free form

Portland Florist | Oregon Florist | Austin Florist | Good Seed Floral Design


This one is all about an elegance that ever goes out of style. It transcends fads and what's in and strives to be timeless, something that will still be lovely in 30 years. It's simple and clean with lush, petal filled flowers in a tighter shape. The weddings that take on this style are often at a hotel or a country club, places that already have that simple, timeless feel. 

Key aspects to look for if you are drawn to this style: 
1. Lush, rounded bouquets
2. Pale, neutral colors, blush or navy
3. Clean lines
4. Fine china
5. Glass
6. Gold accents
7. Chiffon, silk details
8. Mirrors, chandeliers
9. Candlelight in glass
10. Bright, airy spaces

Other words that can be used for this style: 

Portland Florist | Oregon Florist | Austin Florist | Good Seed Floral Design


This style is just like it sounds: fun, light hearted, doesn't take itself too seriously with a touch of romance. It is all about texture and flowers with curly stems or interesting faces. The decor is enchanting and fairytale like, but not in the clean, simple way of the classic style.

Key aspects to look for if you are drawn to this style:
1. Lanterns
2. Twinkle lights
3. Tea pots
4. Fun fonts
5. Unexpected requests (like for guests to take off their shoes for the ceremony) 
6. Mismatched seating
7.Cupcakes or doughnuts
8. Fun details like books and frames
9. Decor hanging on trees, from ceiling etc...

Other words that can be used to describe this style: 

Portland Florist | Oregon Florist | Austin Florist | Good Seed Floral Design


This style is marked by lush flowers, intricate details and sparkles at times, beautiful textiles and warm lighting. Flowers are garden-like and full of petaly goodness. The focus is creating a magical, love-filled atmosphere. 

Key aspects to look for if you are drawn to this style:
1. Warm lighting, lots of candles
2. Rich colors, blushes, pinks
3. Sparkly details
4. Gold accents
5. Floral focused
6. Drapery
7. Staircases
8. Chandeliers
9. Ballgown dresses

Other words that can be used to describe this style: 

Thank you so much for hanging out with us for a bit! This Friday we will be sending out a resource to go along with this blog post that will go into more depth on the floral design for each of theses styles with lots of examples! So, when you have a floral consult to go to, you will be prepared with lots of pictures and knowledge about how to describe what you want to your florist. 
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Guest Post with Becky of Event Crush!

5 Ways to Re-purpose Your Flowers After the Wedding  

Happy Wednesday! 
We are so excited to be featuring a guest post from Wedding planner and stylist Becky Hart of Event Crush. We have known Becky since we both started our businesses 4 years ago and we have loved watching her kick butt in the wedding world. Definitely go check her out: here
Today, Becky is talking about ways to repurpose your flowers after your wedding, which is something we LOVE! If you want to repurpose your flowers, these are some really cool ways to save a piece of your wedding.

Hi! I'm Becky and I'm a wedding planner and designer located in Eugene, Oregon and providing services all over this beautiful state. Me and Joanna and Taylor go way back; in fact we started our businesses right around the same time! We did our first styled shoot together, and I was even lucky enough to coordinate each of their weddings. Since then we’ve worked on countless weddings and shoots together and I am always blown away by their creativity and design skills.

I'm excited to share on a topic today that I thought would be perfect for those perusing a floral design blog - what to do with the flowers AFTER the wedding! As a wedding coordinator, I cannot tell you how many flowers I've seen thrown in the trash at the end of the night. It honestly breaks my heart (and just feels wrong!) throwing away these gorgeous blooms that still have life left in them. Thankfully there are lots of ways that your wedding flowers can be re-purposed and given new life following the wedding – read on for a few of my favorite ways!

1. Send them home with guests

The easiest way to give new life to your flowers is to send them home with guests as favors. You can have the DJ make an announcement that the centerpieces are available to take home, and you won't have a single one left. This involves zero work on your part (unlike the other options), which is super nice! Just make sure that if you do this, the centerpieces are in "disposable" containers (aka they don't need to be returned to the florist/rental company), or you have other containers you can move the flowers in to at the end of the night for guests to take them home in.

Bethany Small Photography 

Bethany Small Photography 

Leah Banick Photography 

Leah Banick Photography 

2. Donate them

Flowers can bring so much joy, and donating your flowers to a nursing home, hospice, hospital, or other local organization or business is a wonderful way to spread some love and make someone's day. Be sure to arrange this ahead of time as not all locations will take flowers without notice or they may have policies which don’t allow fresh flowers. You will also need a friend or family member(s) who are willing to take all of the flowers home at the end of the night and deliver them the next day, so plan this out well ahead of time if you choose to take this route.

If you're in the Portland area, consider connecting with the Bloom Project! They are a wonderful non-profit who donate leftover event flowers to local hospices.

Gabriela Ines Photography 

Gabriela Ines Photography 

3. Preserve them in a unique way

If you are sentimental (who isn't?), consider preserving some of your wedding flowers by drying or pressing them and turning them in to keepsakes. Whether it's your entire bridal bouquet or just a few of the petals, you can save these sweet mementos to last forever. Create a shadow box, place your hubby's boutonniere in a scrapbook, or even turn petals in to potpourri. There are even several companies who will turn your flower petals in to jewelry.

For more ideas, check out this post with 40 pressed flower ideas. The possibilities are nearly endless!

4. Honor loved ones

There are a couple of ways you can do this. One of my couples getting married this summer is planning to do the “anniversary dance” during the reception, which will leave the couple whose been married longest last on the dance floor. She is then going to honor that couple by passing along her bouquet to them.

Alternatively, if you have a loved one who has passed away, you could bring your leftover wedding flowers to their grave site following the wedding to honor their memory. 

Amanda K Photo Art

Amanda K Photo Art

5. Say thank you

For a fun twist on the traditional thank you card, press flower petals and leaves leftover from your wedding and use them to make unique, one of a kind thank you cards that your guests will adore. Here is a great step-by-step tutorial. I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE getting such a thoughtful memento in the mail!

Gabriela Ines Phtography 

Gabriela Ines Phtography 

Flowers have so many amazing qualities – they smell incredible, they bring joy to others, they’re beautiful to look at, and they deserve to be enjoyed for longer than a single day in my opinion. If you can, I encourage you to take that extra step with your flowers rather than just having them thrown away at the end of the night (I know this can be tricky, especially for those having a destination wedding). Definitely check with your wedding planner or venue coordinator to see if they will help you make it happen! 

Thank you guys for hanging out with us and Becky! If you want more wedding or event planning tips, you can sign up for becky's newsletter at the bottom of the page here