My Most Favorite, Perfect Day

So, you may not know this, but I (Joanna) got married in June to my wonderful, incredible, very handsome Joshua. The day was perfect. Absolutely perfect! Neither of us had any stress and I remember thinking "aren't I supposed to be nervous or stressed right now??" multiple times throughout the day. But I just wasn't. The day went so smoothly from getting ready at my grandma's house with my sisters (who were my bridesmaids) to pictures done by the incredible Bethany Small and her husband Grant to the ceremony performed by my father to the dancing to the sparkler send off! I can't wait for you to see these photos. Seriously! I have been dying to share them ever since this day! 

Photography: Bethany Small Photography
Coordination: Event Crush
Floral Design: Good Seed Floral Design
Make up: Sarah Dahl
Hair: Alayna Dahl
Dress: Sarah Seven
Venue: Beazell Memorial Forest

Of course, the flowers were done by my talented, amazing business partner Taylor Serino with the help of all of our friends! I can't even describe with words how much I loved my flowers. Oh. My. Goodness. They were PERFECT! Everything I had ever wanted and more. And as you probably guessed- a florist bride is pretty picky...

 Seriously- can you believe this bouquet Taylor made?!?!

Seriously- can you believe this bouquet Taylor made?!?!

Josh and I had so much fun planning our wedding together- one of my favorite things that we dreamed up was this hanging sign that he made with the help of our friend Alysha! She laser cut some words and josh made the wooden platform and hung it up. Taylor of course made the lovely garland! 

My lovely sisters were my "offical" bridesmaids, but I also had my closest friends be my "unofficial" bridesmaids. They all dressed alike in pale pink dresses and we got to take pictures together after the ceremony. It was so much fun! 

Taylor and I celebrating her gorgeous creation! 

I can't even handle the cuteness of our flower girls. 

I love my family! Also, my sisters...dang

Another one of my favorite parts was the trees at either side of our ceremony space! We wanted to  incorporate the forest into the barn where we got married so we thought "why not just bring in trees??" I love the effect here with the garlands and the hanging flowers. 

It was an insanely hot day for the beginning of June so after the ceremony Josh and I snuck off to the kitchen to sit in the fridge and eat chips and salsa...nothing could have been more perfect! 

One thing that we had decided to skimp on was a cutting cake for Josh and I. We had cupcakes for our guests and we were just going to eat those as well. We didn't have a lot of traditional aspects to our wedding (I opted to skip things like the bouquet toss which I always hated in my single days!). But Taylor's mom Lorelei generously offered to buy one for us! And I'm SO SO glad that she did because the cake ended up being one of my favorite parts! 

Another one of my favorite things about our day (I'm realizing I have so many favorites!!) is that I got to sing a song I wrote for Josh. I had been telling people I was going to write him one ever since we had gotten engaged...and it was 3 days before the wedding and I still hadn't! But luckily the inspiration was there and I busted one out just in time. One of my all time favorite memories. :) 

One of my oldest friends Natalie sang our first dance "Your Song" by Elton John. My parents walked down the aisle to this song at their wedding so it was really special. 

My dad and I- where did he get these moves??!

We feel so blessed and thankful for the day that we got to have! We could not have had it without the help and love from all of our friends and family and the wonderful vendors we go to work with. Marriage is beautiful.