Intimate Elopement//Evan + Emma

One of the things we love is how unique each love is. Our couples come to us asking for designs that are personal and reflect them and their story- and we love that! We don't want to create a cookie-cutter pinterest wedding. The lovely brides and grooms who invite us into their wedding want a story told about the love they share, everything that makes their love theirs. 

This elopement is definitely one of those. In a wedding world where sometimes the noise of everything you HAVE to have rises above, this couple had one thing that was important to them. They wanted to have a quiet, simple ceremony with just their parents, the efficient and their photographer so that they could truly focus on each other and the vows they were making. We were definitely on board. We worked with them to design fun, bright, lush, spring centered arrangements that reflected their love. We used bright coral peonies, poppies, fluffy ranunculus, spray roses and delicate maiden hair fern. 

A detail that we LOVED about their ceremony was that their officient was the same one who had married the bride's parents 28 years before! And it was on his property out in Pleasant Hill, Oregon. How cool is that?! We went out to the location with the bride to plan the perfect place for them to stand. We hung flowers from the branches of the trees surrounding them and placed two large arrangements at the base of them to create an intimate, joyful backdrop to their ceremony. 

The details we loved may be endless, but one more I'll leave you with is that the bride's whole look was put together by her sisters! they were each her MUAH's and (having sisters of our own) we loved that. :) 

These pictures are priceless and will definitely make you tear up. 

Lovely images by: Monique Serra Photography
Dress from: The White Dress

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Thank you for reading! Our couples are the best. :) 

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