(One of) Our Favorite Colors

Hey friends! 

We are in the process of planning a styled shoot (that is happening this weekend!!!) that is centered around the Pantone color of the year: Green. Now, just like so many other florists, we almost peed our pants with excitement when we heard this (no? just us with that pants part?) and knew we had to start designing a shoot around it. Green is our COLOR you guys. It has been our favorite to work with since we started out and we don't think that will change anytime soon. 

Greenery is so diverse and brings the best depth, tones and textures to a design. Not to mention movement- it brings so many good things! 

So in honor of our shoot, and the lovely color of the year, we decided to put together a blog post all about all of our favorite designs we've done using a lot of greenery. Some of these have all greenery and some of them just used it in cool ways- we hope you enjoy! Leave a comment to let us know what you think! 

The Bouquet below is our most pinned + popular greenery bouquet! We still have a major crush on this one. We used lots of eucalyptus (seeded, serial and feathered), rhododendron, and wax flower with just a single david austin rose. The result is so simple, but so striking because the greenery provides so much texture and interest! 

PC: Bethany Small Photography 


This bouquet is the epitome of why we love greenery! The olive in this bouquet reflects the light in the most amazing way and the movement it adds is insane. (Not to mention that Elizabeth Dye dress and Silk and Willow ribbon! This shoot was a dream) 

Nicola Harger Photography 

This is a good example of using greenery that's not exactly green (sorry color of the year!). Using seasonal greenery with all of the colorful tones is a really wonderful design focus. Usually you can only get the subtle colors changes like the bouquet below by foraging greenery. 

PC: Bethany Small Photography 

These guys are why we love greenery to add in a reception space. Adding trailing greenery on your table can be a good way to add interest to a more bare table scape. It can also be used as a way to save money on centerpieces and fill in the space in a more cost effective way. 

PC: Bethany Small Photography 

This shipwreck inspired bouquet is has all kinds of greenery in it! And one huge air plant! Greenery is the perfect backdrop to a large focal point like this air plant. 

PC: Dawn Photography 

This garland is so fall in the PNW! Even thought the blooms here are prominent, there is way more greenery and it gives lovely texture + depth. 

PC: Cat Dosset Photography 

Wreaths are a great way to use greenery! Especially in the fall + winter (although why not in the summer, really?) wreaths are so cute to hang or have on tables (like in the pictures below). 

PC: Jamie Zanotti Photography. 

Greenery is the perfect nest for a few large blooms! 


Cute greenery details like a hair clip or boutonnieres are our favorite! 

PC: Bethany Small Photography 

A good way to save money (but also it's a really good look if it fits into your aesthetic) on personal flowers is to have your bridesmaids have all greenery bouquets. 

PC: Trish Laver Photography

Bethany Small Photography 

We love how a unique touch like these begonia leaves below can completely transform a design into something really personalized and special. 

We've said it before and we'll say it again, we will happily suspend all the greenery at a wedding! We love how it looks.  

PC: Karra Leigh Photography (4 pics above) 

PC: Victoria Carlson Photography 

Thanks for reading! 
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